Life is like a run


Have you ever felt like you were meant for more? Like you could be doing more? Potential is such an easy word to use. I use it often and see that it has some energy to it. The power to achieve something that you earnestly look for; that you aim for. But what about when you look back only to see that you’ve made little progress. Like a morning run where you’ve gone out full speed ahead only to see that you’ve ran just a mile in and most of path is still ahead of you. There was potential for so much more. Sometimes I feel that way. Like I’ve been giving so much only to look back and see that I’m only a few steps ahead.

This thoughts echoes in my mind as I sit in a hotel room for another business trip and after hitting the road for a morning run. After a week of Winter Storms that provided much time to think, this is the perfect time to write this post. With more trips and more meetings life can become trivial. The road twists back and forth as the weight of the body settles through this run. Only to look back and see that you’ve only gone a mile. That feeling arises again: there was potential for so much more…

I wish I could be ahead and further down the road. I wish I could have breezed through the hills and be ahead; I wish I could be on mile marker 3 or 4! 

But what about the road behind? There is power on looking back too. On the fact that I’ve started the run. And through it all I’ve exercised will, commitment and power. I’ve experienced a new scenery with a new path in front of me. By hitting the road and going on the run I have lived! One step in front of the other.

I’ve experienced new growth through my marriage…

I’ve become a better father through the hills…

I’ve enjoyed fulfilling friendships that helped me up while in the valley…

I’ve grown in my work life with better balance between the needs at home and the needs at the office…

I’ve also met other runners on this road…

Overall it was tough and I which I was ahead, but I’m glad I got out and went on the run. Period!

Some might say that potential has an age limit; an expiration date. I beg it different! Everyday there is progress. Everyday you can be better. The truth is that in life as in a run, achieving all we were meant to be is just one step away from us.

To run is a blessing. For how hard, how painful it may be I got to run. To experience this run, this life, is a blessing.

The key is to continue to step forward.One step in front of the other.

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