Celebrating Mother’s Day on a regular day

Yesterday was a great day; it always is. Every year we take the second Sunday of the month of May to celebrate Mother’s Day in the States (a week later than in Portugal). 

On this day Mom’s are supposedly able to take a day off and relax under the sun, while the rest of the family does their best to match the level of comfort only a mom can bring to the home (most of the times the husband just tries to contain the children and make quiet enough while avoiding getting the house on fire). We do this because we love our Moms! We appreciate the continuous giving of themselves even when there is little to no praise in return. The pouring of their heart through the ups and downs of life is an always present, always ready, and never-say-no quality that makes a long-lasting impression on a child. I’ve been blessed to witness that with my wife and she is an inspiration to me and our children.

Her motives are pure and her desire is clear: to raise our children in the way of love, confident in themselves and aware of others, knowing that they can make a difference in every circumstance. She is not working for her praise. She is working for something greater then herself.

So today, the day after Mother’s Day, much of the excitement will go away. Mother’s will take the behind the scenes approach and step back from the lights that once a year shine on their work. Still their work won’t stop. It never did; not even on Mother’s Day. Today they will continue their craft of love, pouring more and more of themselves to the growth of their children. Today they will…

make meals,

take children to school,

work around the house or in the office,

pick up groceries,

help with homework,

do baths,

and tuck children in bed.

Most of the day’s hard work and sacrifices will go unnoticed and that is okay. The rubbing off of character will continue and make a difference in the life of a child. Even if it does go unnoticed, she is making a difference.

My goal, and every one’s goal should be to remind them of that labor of love. Motivating them to know they are making a difference. So today I say again, as I said yesterday and as I’ve forgotten to say so many times, Happy Mother’s Day!

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