Remembering Maya Angelou and Celebrating her Legacy


The last few months have been busy. We all go through these seasons where in a blink of an eye one wonders where has all the time gone. In moments like these few things make you stop and look around. The passing of Maya Angelou was one of those moments.

Like many in my generation I learned about Maya Angelou through interviews, documentaries and of course, her famous quotes. One of my favorite quotes is both symbolic but real; as a palpable statement that you feel when you say it. It is one of my favorite quotes because it is true and it shapes the motivation for my actions:

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

I never met Mrs. Angelou but I would have loved to have spent just one afternoon soaking in all of her experience and life’s lessons. The main reason her poems connected with people was because you could hear the real impact life had on her soul. From the early life as a singer to the later part of her journey as an activist, her message was one of self-confidence and self-belief. These are attributes that weren’t always poured out onto me but that I found through my role as an adult who could positively impact the circle around me.

I’ve intentionally soaked up this quote when interacting at home, at work, at the neighborhood pool or at church. The reality is that people won’t forget Mrs. Angelou because she made them feel valued and she made them believe in themselves.

I want to leave that type of legacy as well. Do you?

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