Motivational Soundtrack – My Own Little World (Matthew West)

own little world

My view of living life is much bigger than myself. That is the premise of this blog, the concept that we can only live life fully motivated when we are connected with others around us. The idea that two or more people can motivate each other to make an impact in this world and help us reach our full potential. That can only happen when we give of ourselves to others. When we leave our own little world behind.

That is what attracted me to Matthew West’s new song. The reality that we are just a piece of the puzzle and that with others we can see the bigger picture and find our purpose.

This is my desire for this year and the rest of my life, that I can get outside of my own world and view the needs of others more clearly and be present to help, to encourage and to motivate. At home, at work, in my neighborhood, at the gym, at church, in school or at the playground. I hope you can do the same and join the movement.

Motivational Soundtrack – Love Alone is Worth the Fight (Switchfoot)

Love Alone is Worth the Fight

The most pure source of why I do what I do is love! Love for my family, for my and children; love for my friends, the ones that have jumped in and helped me when needed; love for the people I’m meeting, being a source of encouragement and support even without knowing what they are going through.

The latest song from Switchfoot says it best with a simple yet true message: Love is worth it. It is worth the pain, toil and sickness.

One of my favorite verses is how it describes the finding of oneself through the open road. The path each decision carries can be scary. But the fear of the unknown can be lifted when we choose love.

The sound is nostalgic and reminds me of my own decisions…
I choose love when I denied a job opportunity for the sake of spending more time with my children.
I choose love when I took a step in faith and moved to a new country with the desire to start a family with my wife.
I choose love when during my teenage years, still in colleague and against all recommendations, I decided to propose and marry an amazing woman.
I choose love when in a youthful night I jumped in the ocean to accept Christ as my savior.

Motivational Soundtrack – Overcomer (Mandisa)

I love to start my Sunday with music playing in the background as the whole family get’s ready for a day that is mostly about relaxing and enjoying time together. Today’s soundtrack is one that the whole family sings to on a daily basis.

We all go through difficult moments in life. We face struggles unique to our situation, and challenges that we must overcome. Sometimes what we go through is long-term and other types it’s temporary; for the here and now. I don’t want to be bogged down by the negative.

Ahead of another week I think this is the perfect soundtrack to keep me and my family motivated. I especially don’t my children frustrated with life’s circumstances. I want them to face reality and make the best of it. We don’t get to choose the cards we’re dealt in life but we still get to play. This song is an encouragement to live life and face what is thrown at us with confidence.

I love how Mandisa set this song to simple yet powerful lyrics. I love the call to stay in the “fight to the final round” and how life is described as a journey of ups and downs and it’s in the low moments that we are reminded to get up and overcome. Her examples on the video clip are based on the real life stories of people know to us. I love the real touch this video gives to this song’s message.

Motivational Soundtrack – One Drop (Plumb)

In my life every moment has it’s soundtrack. Whether it’s a song with compelling lyrics or a simple orchestration of sounds to a unique beat, music compels us to emotion. You can imagine yourself achieving that goal, connecting with that special person, making a difference in someone’s life, finishing the training; being successful!

What soundtrack makes you feel that way?

In my current role as a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a co-worker, a friend, the current soundtrack that is motivating me with positive emotions,are better expressed in the recent song from Plumb, One Drop.

As part of the vision for 2motive8, be on the lookout for more posts with the category #MotivateSoundtrack.

Nothing is Wasted

We are all chasing something. I think this is an undeniable truth. The fulfilling life is when we are able to recognize the one thing we are chasing to be purposeful; to have meaning; a motive. The journey one takes seeking to obtain that thing we long for can be exciting. That job, that relationship, moving to this neighborhood, being selected for the team. The list goes on. So, when you fall short the pain one feels is real. I’ve felt that pain in the last week. Still, nothing is wasted.

A possible move for me and my family was on the horizon recently. What started with a simple trip, quickly became an opportunity to draw an action plan and get my mind thinking the change was happening. When the reality of that change evaporated I was relieved to know that God had a better plan. But there was still a sense of the what if. Why can’t I have what I want? Why do I have to stay here? Why does he/her get to move? All these questions came to my mind in flurry of emotions that so many times are hard to explain.

“Nothing is Wasted” was a song I heard recently that allowed me to place so much perspective to what life has been for me in the last 3 months. I’ve learned much; grown as a husband, a father and a son of God. It also reminded me of the motive behind my decisions and the ways that my life can be impactful for others. Simply put, this journey to what I didn’t get was a lesson of understanding myself and reminded me of my motive.


Have you ever felt the same? What did you learn?


The Power of your Words

It’s Sunday and even though I normally don’t post much on this weekday, occasionally, I will share thoughts related to my christian walk. My desire to motivate, empower and encourage others is originated from the love I received from God, so this is part of who I am.

In my previous post I highlighted how important it is to verbalize what others do for you. Words have the power to build or break something. I think that is why I love Hawk Nelson’s song “Words”. I’m reminded of the power I have when I hear this song. When I love with my words I glorify God. And that is one of the sweetest feeling to have in this life.

I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome to 2M8!

Welcome to 2Motive8! A new blog that was fueled by my desire to motivate and encourage others to achieve their full life potential. The creation of 2Motive8 is about doing what I’ve encouraged others to do: take action towards achieving your goals. My goal is that I can use this blog as a platform to showcase this gift to passionately communicate encouragement to others, and start a movement that links encouragement in our families and communities.

Why 2M8?
In my quest for meaning I thought about the true sense of motivation and how it has impacted me. I’ve always recognized potential in family and friends, and my life has provided many opportunities to showcase this amazing gift of encouragement in its simple and most powerful form. You see, true encouragement is fueled by something greater, even more powerful: LOVE. This simple ingredient can be both realistic and insane, but it’s the most pure form of belief that can change the world. Jesus talked about it and most importantly personified it. May we use love as an ingredient to help us connect with ourselves and others.

The number 2 is symbolic to the one who writes and the one who reads it; the one who reads it and the one who shares it; the one who reaches their goals and sees someone who wants to achieve theirs. The number 2 is about the relationship. It’s about sharing the love; sharing the motivation.

The word motive comes from the goals we all want to achieve. The Merrier-Webster dictionary describes motive as

something (as a need or desire) that causes a person to act.

This is the call to action.

The number 8 is a reference to the number of steps I’ve identified in the need to achieve goals. I thought about these as I’ve related to people and the below have been common steps in my motivational interactions:
1. Be You!
2. Unveil your real potential from within.
3. Connecting with others.
4. Set a vision.
5. Raise awareness.
6. Be disciplined.
7. Have the right attitude.
8. Take action!

Additionally, I will post on 8 categories of motivation:

Motivating Good Thoughts – #MotivatingGoodThoughts
Motivating Meaningful Work – #MotivatingMeaningfulWork
Motivating Strong Communities – #MotivatingStrongCommunities
Motivating Joyful Families – #MotivatingJoyfulFamilies
Motivating Healthy Living – #MotivatingHealthyLiving
Motivating Inspirational Moments – #MotivatingInspirationalMoments
Motivating Soundtrack – #MotivatingSoundtrack
Motivating Leadership – #MotivatingLeadership

May this be inspirational as I share from within… I hope you do the same!