Motivational Soundtrack – Overcomer (Mandisa)

I love to start my Sunday with music playing in the background as the whole family get’s ready for a day that is mostly about relaxing and enjoying time together. Today’s soundtrack is one that the whole family sings to on a daily basis.

We all go through difficult moments in life. We face struggles unique to our situation, and challenges that we must overcome. Sometimes what we go through is long-term and other types it’s temporary; for the here and now. I don’t want to be bogged down by the negative.

Ahead of another week I think this is the perfect soundtrack to keep me and my family motivated. I especially don’t my children frustrated with life’s circumstances. I want them to face reality and make the best of it. We don’t get to choose the cards we’re dealt in life but we still get to play. This song is an encouragement to live life and face what is thrown at us with confidence.

I love how Mandisa set this song to simple yet powerful lyrics. I love the call to stay in the “fight to the final round” and how life is described as a journey of ups and downs and it’s in the low moments that we are reminded to get up and overcome. Her examples on the video clip are based on the real life stories of people know to us. I love the real touch this video gives to this song’s message.