Inspiring story 1 – Undefeated

A week ago I followed the 84th edition of the Oscars just like many people do every year. However, my true interest wasn’t on the most glamorous awards such as Best Movie, Best Actor or Best Actress. No, my attention was on a real life documentary by the name of Undefeated. It won the award for Best Documentary. A truly inspiring story that unveils the real power of real motivation. The power of connection between human beings setting a goal that challenges their environment and their past experiences.

This is a story about the Manassas High School football team. A school that for 110 years of existence never won a football play-off game. But this is a story far more entangled in the sub-plots of inner-city life and the difficulties associated with it. Three players are highlighted by their life struggles, while a volunteer coach shows them how to have confidence in themselves. On and off the field. It is indeed a remarkable story about the human heart.

So how can this story inspire you? Have you felt powerless in face of a challenge? Do you have some nay-sayers in your life? Do you lack the belief that you can actually achieve that which you have always aimed for? Maybe this is you or maybe not. But I’m pretty sure this story resonates with most of us. The reality is that we all have challenges. We all have experienced failure in some way. And that is okay. Our life is made of ups and downs and we are just called to play the game.

One of my favorite quotes in the clip above is when coach Courtney says:

You think football builds character. It does not. Football reveals character.

I hope you find motivation in this story. Reveal your character in your life and be a winner in any and all circumstance!