Each breath

I like to think each breath is an opportunity for a new beginning. Every morning I take note of this reality by incorporating thanks in my daily prayers for each breath I breathe. Starting something new can be exciting. The adrenaline to step out and doing it can be exhilarating!

So what are you starting?

Another day is here!
It’s the first day of school!
First day of college!
Starting a new job!
Waking up for the first time in your new home!
First day as husband and wife!
First day as parents!
The first mile of a marathon!
Opening the doors of your new venture!
The first step to…(fill in)

(the exclamation marks are intended – you should be excited!)

How do you make it worthwhile, and how do you keep pressing on towards that goal (Philippians 3-14)? It’s really about re-finding that first love. That feeling you had when you first found the truth (Revelation 2-4).

This can apply to other parts of your life. When you first started a job. When you first met. When you first set that goal. There is excitement in each new beginning. The secret to success is to replicate that energy every single day.

Let each breath encourage you to start something new. Let each breath remind you of why you started it. Let each breath continuously motivate you to press on and reach what you aimed to achieve. If you are breathing, the fight is still on and the race continues. Nothing can stop you. Feel the adrenaline with each breath – you are alive!


Selling Motivation II

It’s a new day and whatever it is you are doing today, the sense of selling and motivation go hand in hand (see my earlier post). Whether you are starting something new or following a preset plan, how you approach it can make a difference. That is why selling is so important.

The word “selling” is so many times viewed incorrectly because of the association of lies. The reality is that true selling should be no more than a sense of intrinsic desire to share, to offer what is good. But what is good for one party is not always good for another, and the financial associations of the word have led to the lies built up over generations which give it a bad connotation. However, when done right it has huge potential for positive outcome. What “selling” ads is the passion and desire that so many of us lack when reaching for our dreams. An excitement that propels you to do whatever it takes to be successful. Folks that work in sales know this. You long for the next call; to meet the next prospect. We need to use this transferable energy to other parts of our lives.

I see this through my work, but also through the relationships I have created. What are you trying to sell and is it good? If so, I’ll jump on it – that product, that idea, that movement. The reason why someone will buy the widget or follow that leader is mostly about inspiration and less about value. But if you link both, the results are amazing. Still, the real power is in the energy you have when approaching each step towards reaching your goals.

Take today as an opportunity to show that passion. Believe in yourself and believe in your skills. You can do this.